Andrea Ragazzo (born and raised in Switzerland) is an Italian designer specializing in industrial design and engineering. He worked at engineering and design firms as well as manufacturing companies in the product development field for more than ten years, before founding Ansema Ltd. in 2005.

Andrea attended the Art Institute of Bern, Switzerland for two years before doing an apprenticeship as a draftsman, learning the basics of mechanical design and manufacturing. He also graduated as Mechanical Engineer from the University of Applied Science in Bern, Switzerland in 2002 and holds an MBA in Innovation and Design from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

After having gained experience working with Chinese factories since 1998, Andrea decided to move to Hong Kong in 2003, where he has been living since.

As recently as 2017, he closed down Ansema Ltd. and founded Ragazzo Design Studio to replace it. This move has come after deciding to have a more unified venture including his own lifestyle brand Ragazzo, which was launched in 2014.