From concept to production

We make your ideas come alive and guide you through the whole development process.

As long as you have an idea, we will be able to conceptualize and develop it until you have the finished product. We use latest CAD and visualization software to create the necessary files needed for production, presentation, and print. We can do 3D-printed mockups in-house or working prototypes within our network of suppliers. We deliver detailed BOM’s and production drawings or work together with the manufacturer to fine-tune them.

A single product or a whole product range

We take on different sizes of projects and excel in them equally.

No matter at what stage in the product lifecycle you want us to help you, we will always keep the big picture in mind. When we design, we deliver scalable solutions or a design that neatly integrates into your existing product line. We usually suggest our clients start with a single product first and if they like the result and the way we work, we expand the scope of our services.

A presence that can’t be ignored

We create identities and help to package them.

A product can only be as good as its perceived value. Unfortunately, the value of a product nowadays is not measured by its performance, but rather by the emotions that are being evoked when coming in touch with its brand. This creates enormous opportunities but also difficulties for manufacturers who don’t know how to play the game. We not only help design a better product but also build a compelling visual story, successfully positioning it in the mind of your customer.


Consistency is key to success

We take care of all the touch points of your brand.

The most critical thing in brand communication is consistency. Nothing will confuse consumers more than different messages across multiple platforms. The only way you can position your brand in the mind of your customer is by repeating the same message over and over again. We make sure that you also do that in your visual identity. From product to packaging and web, we will represent you in a unified look that establishes a consistent experience.

Making each dollar count

We create new business for your company.

We consider ourselves a success factor, rather than a cost factor. Our efforts have resulted directly in improved or even new business. We have helped several clients to create new business by either introducing new products or by establishing new product categories. No matter how you calculate it, each dollar you spend with us, you will gain back multiple times over.

Changing the way you do business

We transform you from OEM to OBM.

The result of all our efforts is best described as a transformation. From empowering SME’s to become successful international brands to changing a manufacturer’s business model, we always aim for more than just design. There are different ways of approaching a project, and a client can choose from a multitude of suppliers. But how to find the right one? You can create a brand by focusing on the product, the target audience or the consumer. What is the difference? The difference lies in the emphasis of your efforts. 

We believe a balanced approach is necessary to have not only commercial success, but also to build a lasting brand. Having a great product or even product range at a competitive price, a consistent presence and always keeping the end consumers interests in mind is a winning formula. All this thinking flows into our design process and defines the outcome of each project.